September 28, 2023

Floor Centrifuge price

Floor Centrifuge price Product characteristics 1. Suitable for radioimmunity, water treatment, biochemistry, biopharmaceuticals, separation and purification of blood products. 2. Microcomputer controlled, energy-efficient, non-fluorine refrigeration system imported compressor, direct drive, non-carbon pollution, extended service life, with mulconical bottomle rotor users, large screen LCD display or digital LED display. 3. Touch panel, programmable operation, user can set centrifugal speed, centrifugal time temperature, RCF value and speed curve ,25 groups can be stored, modified, call centrifuge program (LCD), can arbitrarily change the parameters without stopping in operation. 4. The optimum results are as follows:9 lift curves ,10 deceleration curves (No .0 is free stop), three-stage damping. 5. Equipped with over speed, over temperature, misoperation, speed failure, frequency converter fault, door cover self-locking, stainless steel cavity, three-layer protective sleeve and other protection, to ensure the safety of the person and machine, support program-controlled loading, to meet the needs of accurate separation of different industries. 6. When the countdown time is less than one minute, displayed in seconds, you can change the parameters arbitrarily when running. 7. Instantaneous centrifugation and continuous centrifugation both. Technical parameters ModelDD-5MCTiming range0-999 min Maximum speed6000r/minPower supplyAC 220V 50Hz 10A Maximum RCF6037脳gMachine noise鈮?8 dB (A) Maximum capacity4000mlDimensions550脳660脳790 mm Speed Accuracy卤20r/minNet Weight120 kg Power1700WChamber diameter桅500 DD-5MC rotor Rotor typeRotor numberCapacityMaximum speed (r/min)Maximum RCF (脳g) Main machineDD-5MC 60006037 Angle rotorNO.16x50ml60005120 Swing rotor body (maximum speed 4000(r/min) without hood)NO.24x1000ml50006037 Swing round cupNO.24x1000ml50006037 Adapter4x500ml50006037 4x300ml 4x3x100ml 4x5x50ml(conical bottom) 4x5x50ml 4x14x15ml(conical bottom) 4x14x15ml 4x37x7ml 4x24x5ml 4x28x1.5ml 4x200ml( Blood bag) 4x250ml( conical bottom) Swing rotor body (maximum speed 4000(r/min) without hood)NO.36x500ml50005925 Round cup6x500ml50005925 Adapter6x300ml50005925 6x100ml 6x19x5ml 6x3x50ml 6x7x20ml 6x9x15ml Square bucket rotorSix buckets50005925 Adapter6x10x15ml(conical bottom)50005925 6x10x15ml AdapterNO.36x20x10ml50005925 6x25x1.5ml 6x28x5ml 6 x4x50ml( conical bottom) 6x4x50ml 6x250mlFloor Centrifuge price website:

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