September 28, 2023

Why You Should Never Skip Proper Building Inspections

If you are reading these pages, then you are most likely a person who is interested in purchasing a home in Sydney. And why wouldn’t you? Sydney has one of the best life expectancies in the Southern Hemisphere, boasts some of the finest schools in Australia, and residents here, on average, earn more than in most other countries. Plus, the sunny climate and entertainment opportunities make this a great place to raise your family. But Sydney has a problem. Its real estate market is steadily growing, and the median value of properties listed for sale has reached values that are hard to justify for most Australian families. So, professional building inspections have become necessary for people who want to venture into such an investment.


Calling on a firm specialising in building and pest inspection in Sydney can bring peace of mind that you are buying a property that meets your family’s needs and requirements. Have you found a three-bedroom house in Chippendale at an affordable price? Then your first instinct would probably be to buy it without a second thought. But you could be making a mistake. If your home is hiding structural flaws or experiencing pest problems, any deal you might have obtained on the purchase price would be mitigated by the investment you’d make later. A company specialising in building and pest inspection in Sydney can help you discover if your desired property is as you expect and can be an ally in finding the perfect home for your family.


How Does It Work?


The median value of a new home in Australia exceeds $1.4 million, and such an investment for most families represents a life-long commitment. So, it is crucial not to venture head first into the first property you see and wait for the report of the building inspection companies you have contacted. How would such an inspection start? First, with a discussion. The company contacted will discuss with you the scope of the property examination, present a final cost of the process, and establish with you when it should be carried out. Then the visual inspection of the property can proceed.


During the visual inspection, the inspector sent by the building inspection company will note if there is visible damage to the exterior and interior walls of the property and will make a general assessment of the overall condition of the dwelling. Water damage, visible mould or plumbing and electrical issues will all be discovered by the inspector during this stage. Later, if suspected, the inspector will do various tests, such as reading Radon or CO2 levels in the air and detecting moisture content, which could indicate a termite infestation.

What About a Pest Inspection?


When you choose the services of a company specialising in building and pest inspection in Sydney, you will receive a report that contains indices of the structural integrity of the building and one that holds information regarding the level of pests present or not on the premises. Australia is a veritable paradise when it comes to biodiversity, with the number of insect species in the Land Down Under estimated at around 200,000. But all this biodiversity can be bad news if you’re looking for a home. Mice, rats, pigeons, termites, and cockroaches, are a constant presence in Australian homes, and their complete extermination can be a complex and expensive process that you may want to avoid. But how can a building and pest inspection in Sydney help you?


The inspector employed by the building inspections company will visually survey the building and note any irregularities. Small rodent holes, mud tubes, dropping, or chewed wires are all specific signs of a pest infestation and can be a defining sign that will allow you to make the right decision for your family. A building and pest inspection in Sydney will involve carefully examining your roof and basement, looking for mice activity in the walls, inspecting wooden structures for termite infestation, and noting potential pest problems around the property.


What Will the Presented Report Consist Of?


The report received from the building inspections expert will consist of a detailed summary of the problems encountered, noted according to their potential to cause long-term damage. The expert contacted will note in his report both minor issues, such as some cosmetic defects in the house’s interior, and significant problems, such as design defects affecting the house’s structural strength. The building inspector will also present the scope of the potential pest infestation and will show photographs to support these findings.


The contacted building inspector will include a potential timeline for fixing the problems found in his report, rank them according to the financial impact they could have on your pocketbook, and end the report with a general conclusion summarising the main issues found in the property. With this in mind, building inspections can be used to reduce the asking price of the property you are interested in. Or, if the property has too many hidden defects, you could use these findings to search for another dwelling.


Do What’s Suitable for Your Family


Purchasing a home is one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make, and it’s crucial for you and your family’s financial future to choose a property free of hidden defects. Building inspections are essential to ensure your loved ones grow up in a safe and comfortable environment. A home with hidden defects can not only be a financial burden that is difficult to manage but can also present a danger to the health of your nearest and dearest.


A building and pest inspection in Sydney could help you understand the condition of your home before you buy it and allow you to get a realistic timeline for fixing hidden problems. A full report can be used to force a significant discount from the seller or can be used by you to negotiate pest repair work incorporated into the home’s purchase price. At the end of the day, a building inspection is necessary and can be a way to find the best deal for you and your family.

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