Skilled Worker Registered Sponsors Licence FAQ

Skilled Worker Registered Sponsor Licence Renewal Guideline

When Should  I Renew a Licence?

The Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence must be renewed every 4 years. The Sponsorship Management System (SMS) shows when the licence will expire and renewal applications must be submitted prior to this date. If a sponsor fails to renew before the expiry, they will lose their right to act as a licenced sponsor and the visas that they sponsor be restricted.

Sponsors can view the earliest renewal date in their SMS account. This date is typically 3 months prior to the expiry date. Nonetheless, due to the expected spike in new applications, the Home Office is urging all of those whose licence is set to expire to apply as soon as possible to avoid delays in their renewal. If you are unsure if your licence should be renewed, check your SMS account to see if your licence is up for renewal.

The influx in applications is not only a potential issue for those with a sponsor licence. Any business that may require a sponsor licence soon should also heed the warning. Check out our previous article for more information on the consequences of getting caught at the end of the processing queue.

How to renew a licence?

In order to renew their licence, the sponsor must submit an online application fee and a renewal application using their SMS account.

The home office may contact sponsors to provide additional supporting documents which will be considered along with their renewal application. After submitting your application be sure to regularly and diligently check the Authorising Office Key Contacts inbox seeing as some communications may be time sensitive and require your immediate attention. If any of the key people in your team have left, make sure to update the details for any of the existing key personnel.

The Home Office may pay a visit to a sponsor without prior notice, so sponsors must keep contact details like business addresses and landlines up to date in their SMS accounts. This is especially vital if your office location has changed in the last few years.

Additionally, sponsors must verify that they are in compliance with the Home Office’s requirements in the event of a potential visit. These requirements include record-keeping duties, reporting duties, complying with the law, and ensuring job vacancies are genuine. All relevant documents must be in place before submission.

How do I know I am up to date and compliant?

Being in compliance is a vital aspect of being a licensed sponsor, sponsoring migrant workers, and keeping licences with A ratings. If you are concerned about your compliance status, you can organise a mock compliance visit with one of our solicitors. During this mock visit, we would visit your office and review all documents just as the Home Office officials would. At the end of the visit, we can provide you with a detailed report of what needs to be corrected before a real compliance visit from the Home Office takes place. With this mock inspection in your belt, you can feel confident about your compliance status and licence renewal.

How can we help?

Our team has helped a plethora of organisations apply for and renew their licences. If you require legal advice or are interested in a mock compliance visit, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the firm’s immigration solicitors at 020 7427 5972 or submit a question here.

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