Legal checklist for buying villa

Purchasing the “Dream home” is the life goal for many people in India. Buying a home will bring peace of mind and a sense of security to any home buyer. But if you are a first-time home buyer in your family, then you should be more careful about the documents. With proper legal advice or hiring a legal person, villa buyers can ensure the scrutiny of documents and can verify the relevant information.

Here we can discuss the documents required to keep in mind for the first time home buyers

Sale deed

It is the basic essential document that contains the evidence of the sale. It acts as the transfer of property from the seller to the buyer. When a buyer wants to sell his villa after decades this document is mandatory.

Mother deed

The mother deed is the most important document which speaks about the ownership of the property. When a villa buyer avails a loan against the property from the bank mother deed is required. It should be registered at the sub registrar’s office under the jurisdiction of the property.

Sale and purchase agreement

A list of terms and conditions that are agreed upon between both buyer and seller is considered a sale and purchase agreement. It consists of the price of the villa or home agreed upon by the buyer and seller.

Building approval plan

Villa builders are required to get sanctions under the state provisions of building by-laws, master plans, and local body acts. Building approval involves two steps

  • Building plan
  • Layout approval

First-time home buyers will do the mistake of not ensuring whether the builder meet the building plan & layout approval from local authorities.

Occupancy certificate

Another name for occupancy certificate is completion certificate. It is a mandatory document that states that the building has been completed inspection and follows all the rules & regulations by municipal corporations or the local body authority. This document is required to avail the water supply, electric supply, and drainage system to our home.

A villa or home without a completion certificate leads to a penalty or may worsen the situation. Get confirmation with the builder that they offer OC from the completion of house construction.

Closing views

In addition to the mentioned documents possession letter, encumbrance certificate, Khata certificate, and allotment letter are also mandatory documents while buying a villa. It is equally important to store or save these documents carefully and safely. Aura contrivers private limited is the builders in Coimbatore built villas in Coimbatore with beautiful interiors and amazing nature views. Change your life style at Coimbatore villas.

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