Increase Your Google Page Rank Through Article Marketing

A little over twenty years ago, while I was still in college, I took up employment at a collection agency. Yes I was a bill collector, or as they titled me, a professional claims adjuster. Their title sounded less intimidating and more professional I guess. As a collector you were responsible each month for collecting a certain amount of money from people that owed your client. We worked with a computer system that let each collector check their accounts to see exactly how much money they had collected for a given month.

Most of the time you knew how much you had collected up to a certain date based on phone calls you made, payments over the phone and so on. But there were those times when you would check your account and notice a payment was posted for a person you had never even talked to. We had a term for this when it happened, called “pennies from heaven”. What this meant was you received money towards your quota without having to do any work to get it. It’s as if the payment was dropped out of “heaven”, hence the term, “pennies from heaven”.

The Google Page Rank, PR for short, and Google search results work in a similar fashion. The higher PR your website is the closer to the top of the search listings your site will appear for keywords that people search on. When a visitor is able to get to your site via a Google search result I consider that a “penny from heaven”. I do so because you were able to get a visitor without having to spend any money on advertising or marketing to do it.

The key to obtaining more “pennies from heaven” is to increase your website’s PR. The PR is a number based system starting at zero (the lowest you can be rated) to ten (the highest you can be rated). Google takes into account various factors that add to the increase of your PR, but looks most favorably upon one way links.

One way links are links that are posted on another website that point back to yours. Sure you could contact a website and ask them to post a link to your site on theirs but the chances of them of actually doing it without asking for something in return are slim and none. What if I told you not only can you get a website to post your link on theirs without having to do anything for them, but they will do it happily, gladly and do it with a smile?

The fact is that is what article marketing does. You write an informational and educational article on a subject that is related to what your website is about and you post that article on various article directories. Bloggers and other website owners looking for content for their own sites visit these article directories find your article and post it on their own website complete with a link back to your website. They are happy because they are providing fresh, quality content for their visitors and you are happy because you are getting that one way link back to your website. It is a win-win for everybody.

To get started you should write an article related to the content of your website. It should also be educational such as tips and tricks that readers of your article can use. Your article should be about 450 to 800 words in length. Once your article has been completed, do a Google search on the words “article directory”. Find a few that are appealing to you, create a free account and submit your article. Now all you have to do is repeat this process on a daily basis and your Google PR should increase in no time.

Just keep in mind that Google indexes websites about every four to six months, so if you see no change in your PR, do not despair, it will go up. Then once it does go up it won’t be too long after that pennies of your own will be dropping from heaven.

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