Learning the Keyboard – A How to Guide

Learning the keyboard is not rocket science. All you need in the beginning is to be taught correctly, and the bulk of your responsibility from then on lies entirely with the amount of dedication you are willing to put into it. The right education often comes at a cost, but the most expensive option today does not represent the best. Here are 3 options for beginners to start learning the keyboard.

1. Enrolling for keyboard lessons

The most obvious option for you is definitely the possibility of enrolling for a group keyboard class, or find a private instructor who can coach you regularly. The best places to start looking for information on keyboard lessons are the internet and classified ads, where you can find ways to contact the keyboard teachers who are willing to do business with you. The good thing about enrolling for a class is that you will be learning from someone who is established in the field of music education. They would already have syllabus prepared for you, and for those without a keyboard at home, these instructors usually provide the necessary equipments to conduct classes. However, keyboard lessons are not cheap and it is unlikely for you to arrange for intensive sessions as the instructors’ time are divided among a few students.

2. Books

You can actually buy tutorial books from music shops that can provide information that teach you how to play the keyboard. It is definitely an affordable option and one that can be considered by those who have keyboards to practice at home with. However, learning from the books mean that you will be left alone to explore and deal with situations that prop up, as you will not have channels to feedback and seek advice directly. It is also not very feasible for beginners learning the keyboard to start without some form of demonstration.

3. Online Courses

In my opinion, home study courses sold on the internet is the best place to start for beginner interested in learning the keyboard. It is firstly, an affordable option as most courses are priced below $100, and secondly, a home study course grants you access to its materials at your own convenience. There are some good courses that are designed by experts who have backgrounds in teaching the keyboard, but you will still need to maintain a level of self discipline to ensure that you get the most out of these courses.

Personally, I find that the best way in learning the keyboard is to start off with a home study course from the internet as it provides sufficient materials for you to reach a level of proficiency quickly. If you are looking to take this interest a step further from there, you can then move on to related books to better your knowledge or hire an instructor to guide you through the advanced levels.

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