Rocket Piano – A Checklist of What You Are Paying For

Rocket Piano is one of the best-selling piano courses online. It is known to be extremely educational with a heavy emphasis of fun, making it the popular option for those who want to learn to play piano. Rocket Piano comprises of many different materials to learn from, as well as some valuable bonuses that enhance the whole learning experience. Here is a checklist of what you will be getting with your purchase.

1. The Beginner Book – An eBook that teaches the basics of piano playing

2. The Intermediate Book – eBook for those who have familiarized themselves with the basics

3. The Advanced Book – eBook that teaches you advanced technique of piano playing, that includes songwriting and learning to play the piano by ear

4. Rocket Piano Jazz Piano Book – eBook that educates the fundamentals and techniques to play jazz piano

5. Rocket Piano Gospel, Spiritual and Hymns Book – eBook that provides with the history on spiritual music, and the theories to equip you with the essential skills of playing Gospel music

6. Exercise Book – Workbook that provides drills to improve finger techniques

7. 26 Rocket Piano Jam Tracks – Ebooks that provide practice materials for you to learn how to play in a band

8. Rocket Piano Quizzes – Quizzes and tests to challenge you on how much you have learnt.

9. Complete Piano Learning System – A limited time bonus of a complete system that helps you with learning how to play the piano. Includes 133 audio files, 57 videos, 3 books that can take you even further. Comes with 3 interactive games to engage you on a different level.

Rocket Piano comes with 5 interesting bonuses as well. The overall value of these bonuses combined has already exceeded the value of what you are actually paying for. Each of them helps with your learning as they compliment the course materials really well.

1. Rocket Piano Metronome – Built and operate similarly like a metronome to help you with your tempo. Displays in Beat per Minute (BPM) format

2. Jayde Musica Pro – A game to help you learn music theory in an extremely interesting way. Helps you understand the entire music stave through having fun

3. Chordinator – Another game to teach you how to read piano chords from musical staff

4. Advance Learning Technique for Piano Book – An eBook not on sale anywhere else. Teaches you to accelerate your learning through methods such as visualization and other interesting techniques

5. Perfect Your Pitch Pro – A game to teach you the skill of transcribing song from listening. This will prepare you perfectly to play the piano by ear and song composition.

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