Who Are You Competing With Everyday?

Everything we strive to do in life is a competition. We must constantly separate ourselves from the others who rival us. Whether it is experience, connections, levels of qualifications or education- there is constantly something to battle and compete against in order to continue forward and succeed. And to keep moving forward and increasing the number of your successes, you must compete (and the wisest know to compete against themselves).

But with so many people with common backgrounds or skills going after similar positions and goals, even businesses with so many similarities between products and services- what is the one factor that makes one stand out over another?

It is there personality and character that stands out, and it is first perceived through image. Pictures have the greatest impacts and lasting memories in our minds, and the image we see first of a person or business becomes our lasting impression. Qualifications and scripts are expected, and often times crafted and manipulated- however before they are even given the chance to have their play- the impressions from an image has already taken place.

Image is the one thing that makes an individual so unique, powerful, and well respected within an instant. Image reveals the strengths or weaknesses we hold inside our bodies- take the time to conquer your fears and embrace your successes and you will radiate a strong image, one to be respected and take notice of. Attempt to create a manipulated image of strength when uncertainty lies beneath and the truth will be seen through it. Image is much more than appearances.

Appearances are only a part of it. Without anything to give power to your appearance, regardless how fine or expensive an outfit may be – your true image may still remain weak. Both the appearances and belief must match in order to take advantage of this tool and maximize the potential inside you. Both must be strong to create a complete and powerful image.

Put a group of people in a room with equal qualifications all after the same goal, and see what sets those determined for success from the others. What attracts the eye and gets the attention is image- making them stand out first and making you want to hear their story. It breaks down the doors and raises opportunities.

But if your image is weak and neglected, you will seem uninteresting and a waste of time- simply “just another applicant.” Image is the negotiator, and if you value your image it will speak very well for you. A valued image convinces respect, potential, and worth to the world and your competitors- making every entrance you make an incredible one. With a strong entrance like that, you can be sure your first words will be heard loud and clear. Most importantly, your words will be heard.

How much do you value your image, and are you aware of what it is saying for you? In this life filled with endless competitions, you will want take advantage of this powerful role before your competition leaves you behind.

Teresa Merchant is the author of “The Importance of Image”, How To Succeed In Anything By Looking Great Along The Way.

She began her enthusiasm of image as a young child and continued to study and develop her skills in image through her experience as both a fashion model and maitre’d. Having gone through formal schooling on image and etiquette as well as being educated on the subject from home, she is constantly putting her knowledge to use coaching others. As an image expert, she continues to strengthen the images of others, helping them gain the success they desire and reveal the power in their new found success and happiness.

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