5 Reasons to Choose Floral Lehengas over Others

Who doesn’t love flowers? Flowers have a significant fanbase when it comes to women and that’s the reason they don’t run out of the fashion vogue. They are bright, showcase embroidery and can make any bride look like a real life princess. The best lehenga design is one which is loved by everyone and gives out a natural feel and touch and such is the most loved floral lehenga. Trends have come and gone, but floral lehengas haven’t lost their charm. In the past decade, the love for floral lehengas has increased seemingly well. From weddings to the garba floor, a majority of women have opted floral lehengas over any other lehenga designs. 


Here are the top 5 reasons to choose floral lehengas over others:


  1. From prints to embroidery


You can choose from bold printed lehengas to intricate hand-embroidered ones, there is a whole range to signify your floral love. There are beautiful floral print designs available in lehengas. A majority of brides opt for heavy floral prints for their wedding and subtle patterns for their receptions. 


2. Versatile

Women love them, agreed, but what makes them so versatile? Here’s your answer- floral patterns are one of the most  feminine, flattering and versatile additions to a garment. Whether they are printed or hand embellished, the florals give a heavy design to even the most contemporary looks. Adding flowers to any garment from the collection makes it more romantic, fresh, and classy without losing its edge. Flowers bring out the delicateness of the lehenga which gives it a fresh and softer look overall.   


3. Regal yet classic touch

Floral lehengas are available in numerous designs with a lot of patterns and colours. You can get the desired colour flower embellishment over your lehenga. These lehengas give out the royal and ethnic feel and yet remain classic. Usually the wedding lehengas or for that matter work lehengas are heavy to carry and roam all around for the bride. An escape alternative is the floral printed or embellished lehengas which can amplify your charm indeed. 


4. Trending in Bollywood

Florals have undoubtedly been on the top in the fashion industry. Whether it be wedding salwar suits or a saree for women the most opted design is floral design. Majorly in lehengas, floral work has a lot of fanbase. For example, Katrina Kaif recently opted for a blue and white beautiful floral lehenga while attending an event.


5.Variety of options

Floral lehengas have a lot of options in terms of colours, patterns, flower prints, etc. You can always find your favourite flower print on a lehenga. Furthermore, you also have an option of customizable blouses in accordance with your choice. You can pair a sleeveless or a full sleeved blouse over a lehenga of the base colour. Contrasting colour blouses can also work well if paired properly. For example, if you are opting for an orange and red lehenga with floral prints, you can pair it with a sleeveless blouse which is in black with an embroidered border. Make sure you adorn the appropriate jewellery and keep your makeup subtle.

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