How To Find Your Partner’s Wedding Ring Finger Size Without Asking


Asking your partner what ring size they wear is a terrific way to ruin the entire surprise proposal. There are several tips with which it is possible to measure the size of your partner’s finger without their knowledge. Be it diamond wedding bands, gold wedding rings or platinum wedding bands, it is of no value if it does not fit properly.

There are a few frequent mistakes to watch out for when trying to figure out your partner’s ring size. Rings that are one-half size larger may be easier to put on and take off for your significant other if they have particularly huge knuckles. When sizing an engagement ring, go a half-size larger than you think you need, because you can always have the bridal wedding rings resized by a jeweler.

Different ways to find out the ring size

The different ways in which you can know about the ring size of your partner in a secretive manner. Here are a few tips to follow.

Ask it out from a friend or relative

If you want to know your partner’s ring size, this is the quickest and easiest method, however, cannot be relied upon. Inquire about your partner’s friends and family members who could be able to answer your questions. Parents and shopping partners alike might also remember the ring size.

However, relying on someone else’s opinion can result in incorrect information. Women typically wear rings in the range of sizes 6–10, with the latter being more common among men.

Measure it off while they are asleep

In order to get an accurate ring size for the wedding bands, it is best to wait until your companion is asleep. The key is not to startle them, so get all of your supplies ready in advance. In order to construct your own measuring tool for ring sizes, you’ll need some string, a pen, a millimeter ruler, and some scissors.

Rings have tolerance.04 millimeters per half-size. Discard the string when it has been cut to a 5 or 6-inch length. Start at the zero mark and run your string along the ruler.

Start with 14mm size-3 and mark every.04mm or half-size till 20.6mm. As a general rule, the diameter of a size-6 ring for women is 16.5mm, while for men, it is 20.2.

It is best to use distinct colored markers for each ring size above size 5 because you are performing a secret mission with an emphasis on accuracy. The difference in color will help you get an accurate measurement in a dark room.

The pinky finger on the left hand is where the engagement ring will be placed. Because engagement rings are worn every day, they should be snug but not uncomfortable. In order to avoid arousing your partner, this is a convenient method for taking your measurements.

You can also refer to any of her old rings as a size reference. Either ask it casually from her or if required, steal it in a way she would never know.

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