What does a Foster Carer do?

What is Foster Care? 

Foster care is a type of care that allows children who would otherwise be in a residential setting to have a loving and caring adult in their lives. Foster carers provide stability, love, and a home-like environment while the child is in their care. London has a huge number of Fostering Agencies that can provide children in need of a safe and loving home with new families.

Why Foster Care? 

There are many reasons why children might need foster care. A child might need care because their family is too busy or too poor to take care of them, they are in danger, they have been abused, or they have special needs. Foster care gives children a chance to get the care and attention they need while they are in a safe and stable setting. 

What is a Foster Parent? 

A foster parent is an adult who takes care of a child in their care. Foster parents are usually caring and committed adults who want to help children in need. They must meet certain requirements, such as being able to provide a safe and stable home. 

What do foster carers do?

Foster carers provide temporary care and support to children who are not able to live with their parents or guardians. They also provide education, counseling and other support services to the children and their families. Foster carers provide a necessary, stable and loving home for children who are often in need of a safe, permanent home.

What are the benefits of foster care?

There are many benefits to fostering families. Families who are interested in family fostering can provide a temporary home for a child who is in need. This can provide the child with stability and foster a closer relationship between the child and the family. Additionally, family fostering can help to connect children with family members who can provide them with support and resources.

How do I become a family foster parent?

If you are interested in becoming a family foster parent, you will first need to fill out an application. After you have completed the application, you will be matched with a child who needs a foster home.

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