hr audit

ankith kumar August 5, 2022

In today’s scenario, the functional role of HR has undergone massive changes. The traditional way of performance monitoring is outdated & no longer works. Organizations started to implement a new way of evaluating employee performances. HR works towards the improvement of the employees and facilitates them in organizational planning. Driving a high-performance culture comes from […]

ankith kumar July 9, 2022

A happy satisfied employee is equal to a happy company. Carrying the employee engagement survey in any organization can lead to a better understanding of the employee needs and requirements. Measuring employee engagement in real-time can provide you with greater results. Due to budget and time constraints, many businesses don’t understand the benefits of employee […]

ankith kumar July 9, 2022

Employees are an integral part of any organization. Everyone works individually & also as a team contributing to the success of the organization. But we don’t understand people need the motivation to get the job done efficiently in the longer run. Lack of confidence and motivation often results in lower participation. Conducting the employee engagement […]