IT outsourcing

Satya K Vivek July 19, 2022

Despite the severe impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the IT sector, the IT outsourcing and the Offshoring industry have shown steady growth in revenue and employee hiring. The offshore IT service providers manage a variety of tasks for North American and European enterprises. Many providers of the IT offshoring and outsourcing industry are reshaping the […]

Satya K Vivek July 19, 2022

Offshore IT outsourcing is not new to businesses in Europe and North America. It started small with some visionary companies taking great pains to smoothen the process. Once the process was proven and economic benefits started to flow, in droves other companies and joined the offshore outsourcing bandwagon. Over the years, the process has transformed […]

Satya K Vivek July 14, 2022

The severe consequences of COVID-19 have left many organizations to seek help from business models associated with IT outsourcing and out staffing. Two of the most important models are known as offshore staff augmentation and offshore managed services. Both have their roots in IT outsourcing but are completely different in their functionalities. Staff Augmentation Staff […]