kidney transplant in Delhi

Dr Sunil Prakash August 6, 2022

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, adopting good hygiene habits and cultivating a positive attitude towards life are some of the recommendations that a person who receives a kidney transplant must take into account in order to recover successfully. How does the life of a kidney transplant patient change? Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure that […]

Dr Vinant Bhargava August 6, 2022

The kidneys work as small filters, that is, they purify the blood of the substances that are left over, those of waste, coming from our metabolism, excess water, salt and other leftover products. They also have another very important function: the production of certain hormones, such as erythropoietin (for the formation of red blood cells), […]

Dr Sunil Prakash July 17, 2022

Chronic kidney disease is a condition that causes several complications and changes in the patient’s routine. Learn more about it and how to prevent diagnosis. Chronic kidney disease is a major public health problem. It is estimated that about millions of people suffer from the problem worldwide, there are more than 850 million cases. The […]

Dr Vinant Bhargava July 17, 2022

The kidneys are organs of utmost importance to our body. They are responsible for filtering our blood, eliminating toxins, and for controlling the chemical and liquid balance in our body. When something does not go well, a condition of kidney failure can occur, and there are some types of treatment that can be recommended by […]