personal injury attorney los angeles

Arsad Ali July 8, 2022

After getting hurt in an accident, you might wonder whether you should talk to a lawyer. You might know a friend who got a settlement from the insurance company without using an attorney. What you don’t know is whether they could have gotten more money if they had worked with a personal injury lawyer, even […]

Arsad Ali July 7, 2022

This week’s question comes from Kisha J. from San Francisco who asks: Hi, my friend Angelino is a garage door repair man, and he recently got hurt while on a job. While he was up on the ladder working on the overhead door opener, the homeowner put several boxes behind his ladder. He fell on […]

Arsad Ali July 7, 2022

If you are in a traffic accident in Los Angeles, one of three different law enforcement departments could respond to the accident scene. The location of the accident generally dictates which law enforcement agency responds. The easiest way to report the accident and request assistance is to call 911. If possible, note which law enforcement […]