Best Approaches to Print Your EML Files Without Causing Any Error

If you have your EML file and want to print it, but you don’t know how to do it or are facing any trouble and looking for a solution. Then you are at the right place, as this article will explain the manual and professional methods to print your EML files accurately. But first, let’s see a little bit about EML.


What is EML


EML refers to Extensible Markup Language. EML are those files that contain the messages with subject, sender, hyperlinks, recipients, and joined attachments. This type of extension is beneficial since it allows you to maintain an email’s HTML format and headers.


Why is it Necessary to Print EML Files?


The need to save and print EML files is that when we print EML it will be printed in PDF format and PDF is that file format that can be used on both Windows OS and Mac Computer systems. As it is an exceptionally safe file configuration to save information as it allows the client to ensure the report by setting various degrees of safety. Here are some common reasons given below to print EML files as resultant as PDF format:


  • If you want to print all your attachments in your mailbox, you need to convert your email to PDF format.
  • Users can protect their PDF documents with a password security


Here we have explained some common and useful methods that can be used to print your EML files. View all the methods and use the suitable one.


Method 1:- Manually Print EML File Using MS Word


In this manual method, we’ll be simply printing EML files using MS Word. This method is short and can easily be done. So now look at the steps given below


  1. Navigate to the location where you have saved your EML file and right-click on one of them.
  2. Select the option Open from the menu that pop-ups, and select MS Word from the extended menu. 
  3. After it, the MS Word will be opened. There you’ll need to select the print option or just use the print command(Ctrl+P).
  4. Your EML file will be saved in PDF format. 

 Now you can easily print your EML file which is saved in PDF format.


Method 2:- Print EML Files Using Thunderbird

If you’re looking for an easy procedure then, you can use the thunderbird application. This procedure looks very simple, but in reality, this method is very lengthy and technical. Now look at the steps that are given below


  1. Install Thunderbird in your Windows OS (in case you don’t have thunderbird in your system)
  2. Then configure your email account or use the Import/Export option to import EML messages
  3. After that select, all the EML messages folder and right click, then select import/export tools then export all messages in the folder, and select PDF format 


Now you can easily print your EML files


Drawbacks and Limitations of Using Manual Method  


  • If you have multiple EML files and need to print them with attachments, then it is not possible with manual methods.
  • You need to convert every EML message in the same process multiple times.
  • In MS Word it is hard to change the EML message content size.
  • It’s a very lengthy and time-consuming procedure 
  • Add-ons didn’t support new Thunderbird versions 
  • Bulk print EML messages are hard
  • No guarantee of data security and safety


Method 3:- Using Professional Method to Print EML files 


A third-party software tool is needed as it allows to print EML files by converting them into PDF format easily and accurately. Then you can print EML files after the conversion in PDF format. 


Here I would like to suggest SysTools EML to PDF Converter as it is the best solution to convert your EML files into PDF format but also you can convert multiple EML files with attachments in one hit. It successfully converts  EML files into PDF format without losing a single part of the database. Some of its key features are 


  • Converts EML files to PDF, MBOX, MSG, MSG, HTML, NSF, PST and Office 365
  • Selective data conversion facility with date filtering and individual selection
  • The capability of Automatically Scanning and Loading all EML files from the system 
  • Maintains the folder hierarchy while conversion
  • To know more about its key features and information about this tool you can visit its official website.


Now the Steps are as follows to convert the EML file to PDF format

  1. Download and run SysTools EML to PDF converter
  2. Click on the select file or folder options to Select EML files 
  3. Click on the Export tab and select the PDF format option.
  4. Select Advanced settings to apply various settings 
  5. Click on the Export button
  6. Now your all EML files will be converted into PDF format


This is how you can convert your EML files into PDF format and then easily print them.




How to print EML files is described above. Here, we’ve covered both manual and automatic approaches to the problem. Users can choose any method based on their requirements. I think you should choose a professional approach, such as EML Converter because it offers the best migration solution. Additionally, there is a demo version of the software that is offered without charge. To test the software’s features and capabilities, download the free trial. Purchase the licensed version for complete conversion once you are completely satisfied.

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