Featured Technology Intelligence Services from Ingenious e-Brain Solutions

Every year, research and development companies invest millions of dollars in ideation and development of new technologies and products. Under such circumstances, they must understand the technological and competitive space before making pivotal decisions.

The environment of technology is getting complicated due to the convergence and disruption of techniques, which results in shortening of technologies life cycles. Understanding the technologies as well as threats, assist companies in innovating and succeed in the market. Thus, technology intelligence came into existence which captures and delivers technical information, foresight, and insights about the technological environment to make the decisions as well as strategic plans which provide benefits to the organization.

Ingenious e-Brain offers technology intelligence services that help organizations with essential knowledge and in implementing successful innovation and research projects. Our team help clients to get complete insights into the competitive and technologic environment before making critical investment decisions.

Featured Services

  • Technology Scouting

Ingenious e-Brain offers dedicated technology scouting services for every size of corporations in search of the new technologies in their area, or beyond.

  • Technology Benchmarking

Our research will benchmark your financial and operational performance with your competitors in the industry to get in-depth knowledge and get success in your business.

  • Technology Landscape

Our research analytics team is highly skilled to provide technical depth of any particular technology starting from the origination of technology to every diversification in terms of demands of the industry.

  • White space Analysis

White space analysis is an insightful evaluation of patents already published or applied for in specific technology/domain. The aim of this analysis is to recognize gaps in current technology spectrum and then to concentrate on how these can be filled.

  • Due Diligence

We offer due diligence services to the businesses to ensure that organizations take right decision to grow and sustain their business.

  • Technology Licensing

Our technology licensing facilitates all SMEs to upgrade their technologies with possibilities of Research and Development collaborations, training’s, and joint ventures globally. Ingenious e-Brain help industries

  • Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio analysis is conducted to analyze the relevant strength of all patents and patent application owned by a specific company.

  • Preclinical

Ingenious E-Brain experts can gauge the true potential of pre-clinical researches by understanding their actual use in terms of therapeutic potential & futuristic monetary value through their current clinical trial status.

  • Opportunity Analysis

We offer acceptability or future trend analysis which help companies significantly in seizing the early-mover advantage and in taking important business decisions in a more informed and intuitive way based on different factors in favor and against the industry.

  • Scientific Dissemination

Technology innovators always are actively looking for a partner to develop and support their innovation technically, economically, and ability to reach right group of people.

  • Data Curation

IEBS works on custom request and offer flexible payment and turnaround time options for curating data from different paid and open databases which includes patents, scientific literature, clinical trials, other publications.

  • Technology Watch

It is often desirable for various organization to monitor the technological developments of other players operating in the same market. Ingenious offers technology watch to keep a track by monitoring the latest developments in the technology of interest by keeping an eye on latest innovations of the competitors and their market activity.

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