How Much Does A Custom Web Development Costs

How much does building a website cost? It is likely that you’re thinking of building a website for your business if you’re looking for an answer to this question. It is hard to pin down the exact cost of your particular website development project without evaluating your requirements and the type of website you need. Therefore, you have to find an agency that offers custom web development services and ask them how much your web development would cost. They will examine your website requirements, ask you a bunch of questions and provide you with a complete estimation of building your site. Without this, it is difficult to estimate website development costs.

But why is it difficult to find an estimation of a website?

This is a frequently asked question from entrepreneurs across the world. Why is it hard to calculate how much custom web development services costs? You might find the figures of estimation of web development in a wide range. But ultimately, these figures fail to grasp all the concepts of creating a website and how intricate this venture is.

The cost of building a website depends on various factors like the type, features, pages, size, hosting, etc. But if we consider the average cost of building a website, it would range around $1000 to $10,000, or it could increase more depending on the site. But if you need a little close calculation, you should consider what type of website you want. In the next section, we have listed some website types that affect web development costs.

Common website types

Personal website or blog

This is one of the basic kinds of sites where you share news or updates with your readers. There are many free blog development platforms, but building it by experts with their professional web design and development services is a good idea.

Brochure or landing web page

A brochure website is an ideal choice for small businesses where your customers can see contact details, an about us page, a feature to send requests, and some calls to action (CTA). Such a website features a few web pages and aims to attract potential customers and sales. Moreover, some sites may also circulate news and information.

Corporate website

Corporate websites are aimed at engaging people and offering value to online clients. These sites are connected for marketing purposes and need to communicate the organization’s goal. It often features an explanation of services, the company’s bio, the company’s basic contact details, the mission statement, the pain points of the company’s services addresses, and a portfolio of previous projects.


You have likely heard about eCommerce websites. ECommerce websites are built to sell products or services online. Such sites are ideal for businesses that want to sell their products online. It usually features product pages with high-quality images and descriptions, SSL certificates for secure transaction services, a cart, a wishlist, and other personalization options.

Web portals

A web portal, or simply a portal, is a specially designed web-based platform that collects information from various sources into a single user interface and showcases users with the most relevant information from the context. It can also be considered a library of personalized content. A web portal helps with search navigation, personalization, notification, and information integration. Moreover, it features functionalities of task management, collaboration, business intelligence, and application integration.


Catalog websites are simply digitized versions of business catalogs. This website is ideal for visitors who search for particular products or services like hotels, rentals, jobs, and real estate. The web pages feature directory and extensive search system with location-based features and rating and feedback features. TripAdvisor and Airbnb are typical examples of catalog websites.

Community building websites

Forums, social media, and sharing websites are types of community-building websites which allow you to build a community around shared interests. Businesses can also earn profit through paid membership programs. Users can discuss the topics of their interest, compare experiences, ask questions, and interact with people sharing similar interests as theirs. Stack overflow is one such forum site. Moreover, Facebook and other social media websites also fall under this category.

Wiki or database sites

Such websites provide a wide collection of information and act as reference guides. These sites are likely to have a large number of pages, easy and effective search functions, and account capabilities for users to create and edit their own pages. IMDb and Goodreads are such website types.

Key Takeaway

The website development cost highly depends on the type of site. Once you understand what kind of business you want, you can easily determine the technical features and aspects needed for your website. Along with cost, the time for developing different types of sites may also vary due to the complexity. And this also affects the cost of custom web development services.

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