September 26, 2023

How to repair an intruded router

When hackers invade your router, they may cause a lot of harm.

Is my router hacked? Common signs

Now that you know why someone would invade your router, what does router intrusion look like? These signs of router hacking can remind you of the danger before it’s too late.

Changing DNS settings: As mentioned above, one of the most common reasons for hackers to invade routers is to change DNS settings. By doing so, hackers can redirect your internet traffic without realizing it, establishing a potentially destructive malicious attack – DNS hijacking. The DNS settings of your router can be found in its management menu.

The administrator password is not working: The router hacker may have entered and changed your administrator credentials. In this case, immediately reset your router and set a new password.

Slow internet speed: Slow internet speed does not always mean Wi Fi is hacked, but it can also be possible. If your internet speed suddenly slows down significantly compared to before – and you notice other common signs of routers being hacked – this may be due to hackers stealing your bandwidth.
Install strange software or malicious software on your device: In addition to directly installing it on your router, router hackers can also download malicious software to your computer or phone. Router hacking is not the only way to spread malware, but consistent with the other symptoms listed here, malware may indicate that the router has been hacked.

Always use the best security software from reputable brands to protect your device.

Additional Reminder – Beware of Unrecognized Devices on Your Network: AVG Anti Virus Free can detect when unfamiliar devices join your Wi Fi network. When this situation occurs, you will see a warning because if so, it may mean that someone has found your Wi Fi password.

Although this does not necessarily indicate that the router has been hacked, people who can access your Wi Fi network may invade your router in the future. That’s why it’s so important to monitor your home network with reliable security software.

Do you think your router may have been hacked? Here’s the good news: in most cases, you can easily fix it. The following is how to repair an intruded router and remove router malware through six quick steps.

Disconnect the router from the internet and other devices.
Perform factory reset
Log in and change your administrator password
Create a new SSID and password for your Wi Fi network
Create a guest network (if needed)
Update the firmware on the router

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