September 29, 2023

Thunderbird Email Setup: Automatic and Manual Methods

Did you know email services play a vital role in the seamless internal communication for businesses? Not only this, they are the most preferred way to exchange files, messages, and folders containing data. If you own a business and looking forward to getting started with email services like Mozilla Thunderbird, then you must know that you will have to configure emails in Mozilla Thunderbird. And there are two ways to do it- automatic and manual. Before that, you need your domain name, email address, and email password.

Following are the simple steps to setup emails in Mozilla Thunderbird;

• Launch your Thunderbird app
• Enter full name, email, and password
• When you’ve filled up the information, click Continue.
• Thunderbird will automatically configure your mail settings

Below are the steps for manually configuring Thunderbird;

If you face difficulty with automatic set-up, you can follow the below instructions to manually configure Thunderbird. This method is introduced for users whose email provider is not listed in the automatic configuration database.

• Open your Thunderbird app
• Click on Hamburger menu button at the top right of the window to access the email client set-up page.
• Click> Existing Mail Account
• Now Mozilla Thunderbird settings page appears, where you will have to fill in your name, full email address, and mailbox password,
• After that, click Configure manually
• The manual configuration options will show on the same page
• On the same page, edit the server names, security, and port settings based on the configuration details. In the incoming section, Change details in Protocol, Hostname, Port, Connection security, Authentication method. However, in the outgoing section– Fill hostname, Port, connection security, authentication method, and username.
• Once completed, click “Done
• Now click the Re-test button to test your manual settings. If the settings are correct, Thunderbird will respond.
• Press “Done” to complete and wait for Thunderbird to verify the email set-up.
• Finally, a new page will pop up, showing your account is connected to Thunderbird
• Click, Finish.


Thunderbird is undoubtedly a wonderful email service that allows its users to share messages and data irrespective of size. This post is created to ease your job to set-up your emails in Thunderbird. Hopefully, implementing the steps shared above will help you set-up your emails in Thunderbird. In case you stuck anywhere, our technical team is right here for you. Our technical team is highly trained and professional, with many years of experience in handling all sorts of Thunderbird-related issues. Hence, stay in touch with our technical experts.

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