Ultimate guide for Axie infinity Clone Platform Development

About Axie Infinity:
Axie Infinity is an online NFT gaming universe inspired by Nintendo’s beloved Pokemon series. Players can collect and split Axies (adorable monsters)as virtual pets with aspirations to battle, breed, collect, raise, and build kingdoms for their Axies against each other in a cartoonish fantasy world.

Axie Infinity has a record of players hit 2.78 million monthly in its peaks. According to the game statistics site Activeplayer presently axie infinity have 701,447,as its active average monthly users. Axie has generated around $90M in revenue in a month, which is higher than the combined revenue of the top ten apps. Axie Infinity is one of the largest NFT marketplaces which broke the record of token sales

If you are one waiting to start a nft game platform like axie infinity.

Axie Infinity Clone Script

Axie Infinity Clone Script is one of the digital nft game platform constructed on the Ethereum blockchain, just like Axie Infinity. Axie infinity clone script axie’s known as digital monsters you can breed, growth and make a fight against the another monsters. Axies are denoted as non-fungible tokens. Axie Infinity clone software comes with ready made script and helps you to start your own Axie Infinity gaming platform.

Features of Axie Infinity Clone Script

It is a kind of game involving fight between the axies in battlefield and the winners get exciting rewards

It is the homeland for the axies. It is necessary for creating your kingdom in this game.


This involves upgrading the cute little axie pets.A new species of pet with mated genetics is formed through breeding which can be raised to involve in the battle against any player and can also be traded to other player and can endup in profit

AXS Tokens:

This platform will have its own tokens that will provide users with governance attributes. When they earn governance rights, the users can provide suggestions for improvement in the platform. The players also get rights to vote on essential parameters of the platforms which include transaction fees and more.The native token here is AXS token

It has its own marketplace where the NFTs can be traded effectively. These NFTs can be in the form of in-game assets such as fantasy creatures, accessories, pets, and so on

Different types of axies:
Origin Axies: These Axies were sold with the motto of improving the origin of the upcoming Axies. 4088 of these were sold during the pre-sale, leading to the creation of Axie Origin Coins.

Mystic Axies: Mystic Axies was born out of the Origin Axies, which remained during the pre-sale. The Scarcity of Mystic Axies is very well defined and maintained through Smart Contracts. In the upcoming years, the Mystic Axies will evolve with special powers.

Where To get Axie Infinity Clone Script?

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