VS Code Extensions That React Js Developer Must Have!

After the pandemic, the world has grown immensely and has proven that the internet can lead the markets too. This has led many industries to bloom. Website and application development already were crucial ways of marketing the products. React js collaboration with VS code extensions gave a new way of application development.

React js has been the most popular and preferred medium for the development of applications and websites. React js is simple to understand and hence react js developers need to make unique changes to make the website and application attractive.

This was the time when Visual Studio came into the limelight when the developers were in search of new visuals to be the best as well as unique for the applications. The VS code extensions have helped the react js developers to create unique and best applications and websites.

Like VS there are many tools and extensions that have made developing applications with react js easier. But how do you know which tools and extensions are the best?

Focussing on the VS code extensions we are here to bring you the best of the compatible VS code extensions with react js. Below are the VS code extension that can be used with react js application development.

ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets

One of the most common extensions used by both React and React-Native developers is ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets. It has a large number of shorthand prefixes that you can easily utilize to speed up your development process.

This addon contains numerous snippets that you may not be aware of. After installing this fantastic extension, open a new file and type rfce, then press enter to produce a React functional component, import React, then export the component.

It also allows you to quickly construct different es7 snippets by simply inputting the prefix shortcut and clicking enter.

Furthermore, if you use Redux or GraphQL, this extension includes snippets for both.

VSCode React Refactor

Simple, yet quite handy. It allows you to copy JSX code segments to a new component, file, or other location. It supports TypeScript and TSX and works with classes, functions, and arrow functions.


After years of use, we believe Prettier is a useful addition to any project. Prettier is a program that formats code for you automatically. It greatly aids in maintaining codebase consistency because code is formatted in the same way for all developers on the team, regardless of personal preferences. Aside from the benefits of uniformity, it also saves time because there is no need to manually format code or even think about how it should be formatted. That is why we strongly advise using prettier as one of the best extensions.


ESLint is a well-known extension for detecting flaws and defects in programming. It assists a developer in writing better code that is free of mistakes and warnings by highlighting potential errors or warning locations.

Furthermore, it can automatically correct faults and warnings. You can always go to ESLint’s documentation to learn more about it.


Stylelint, like ESLint, is a linter that focuses on styles. It can detect and highlight incorrect styles and aids in maintaining consistency and order in styles. Furthermore, it supports both pure CSS and pre-processors such as SCSS and LESS.


GitLens enhances the built-in Git capabilities of Visual Studio Code. It allows you to quickly visualize code authorship with Git blame annotations and code lens, navigate and explore Git repositories, obtain useful insights with powerful comparison tools, and more.

Git History

This plugin lets you browse the git log and file history, as well as compare branches or commits.

Settings sync

Have you ever reinstalled your operating system or changed the device on which you write code, then installed VS Code only to discover that you need to reinstall all of your extensions? The only extension you’ll need to reinstall is settings sync. It can save your extensions and VS Code settings and then install and configure them on another computer.

Bracket Pair Colorization Toggler

Simple but effective extension. It highlights bracket pairs that match.

Auto Close Tag

This is a simple but really useful React plugin. Its function is straightforward. The auto close tag, as the name implies, generates a closing tag for an element, removing the need for the developer to write the closing tag. This may appear easy, but an automatic closing tag is quite useful.

Auto Rename Tag

Renames linked HTML/XML tags automatically.

Auto Import

Finds parse and provide code actions and code completion for all available imports automatically. TypeScript and TSX are supported.

Import Cost

Installing and importing packages is a common and necessary task in React. Importing a large number of packages can cause performance concerns because some of these packages are large. The Import cost addon displays the package sizes in the editor.


How do you typically transition from one line of code to a certain keyword that is a few lines and spaces away? By repeatedly pressing the keyboard arrows or by using a mouse click? Jumpy allows you to instantly jump to a certain phrase, making you much more efficient.

i18n Ally

If your application supports multiple languages, this is an excellent extension.

Formatting toggle

In some cases, we may want to temporarily disable a code formatter such as Prettier. This is possible with the Formatting toggle extension without modifying editor settings.

Npm intellisense

This adds autocomplete support for npm modules in import statements.

Web Accessibility

Excellent plugin for making your web apps more accessible. It identifies things that you should consider changing and offers advice on how to do so.

Live Share

Would you like to work on your code with someone else? This addon allows you to collaborate on code editing and debugging with others in real-time.

Better comments

This plugin is fantastic for making more human-friendly comments in your code. It can classify comments as alerts, queries, to-dos, or highlights and display them in various colors.


So these are useful VS code extensions for React developers. We hope this guide has helped you find some of the best extensions for your React app development. These plugins will assist you in increasing your productivity and making the most of your coding experience.

Many businesses opt to hire react js developer or a software development company to create good user interference applications and websites. This is one of the best ways to take your business online.

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