A Definitive Guide On Women’s Ihram

Ihram is more than simply a piece of clothing that Muslims wear when conducting Hajj or Umrah. It is the outfit that all Muslim men and women are required to wear when completing Hajj. In truth, Muslims receive spiritual rewards for wearing the two sheets of Ihram. It is as spiritual as praying or reciting the Holy Quranic passages. Except for their faces and hands, women must cover themselves from head to toe in simple sheets. Women may wear any type and color of clothing; however, wearing body-hugging, flashy, or ostentatious clothing is absolutely prohibited. The basic concept of Ihram is modesty, hence wearing plain or simple clothing is advised.

Similarly, wearing jewelry with Ihram is strongly discouraged. As a result, ladies should wear either a black or white Abaya. Because of the oppressive heat in Saudi Arabia, light-weight clothing is ideal for wearing beneath the loose-fitting gown. Because certain dresses are translucent, it is critical that the Abaya cover your complete body. Because of the restricted time to wash garments, one of the most important pieces of advice is to keep three sets of Ihram during this holy pilgrimage. As a result, bring clothing that is readily washed and suited for travel.

Many women wear abayas for the first time, making them difficult to carry. However, because covering their head is a requirement for the Hajj ceremony, they must wear abayas with a scarf. Because there is a danger of losing the scarf when performing Tawaf or any other activity, wearing a scarf cap comes in handy. Wearing a hat can relieve you from having to arrange your scarf during the prayer or Tawaf, which can be highly intimidating or even distracting.

Ihram compulsions for women

It is very advised that one’s body be pure and free of excess hair before entering Ihram. Nail clipping is required. It is Mustahhab (strongly advised) to take a ghusl (bath) before entering Ihram. Women’s Ihram should not be made of pure silk. Women must not comb or trim their hair while in Ihram to avoid hair loss. Glittery attire is definitely banned. Cosmetics, scented oils, and fragrances should be avoided by women. This is to guarantee that one communicates with God directly without disrupting or drawing the attention of others.

If ladies are wearing white Abayas, it is recommended that they wear white underwear. This is done to keep the undergarments from showing through the Abaya. Women are required to wear a Hijab, which should cover their full body. It shows that they are elegant and respectful in front of males. This also shields them from the malevolent gaze. After completing Umrah, ladies perform a ceremony in which they remove one inch of their hair. This is known as Taqsir. Women are not permitted to recite “Talbiyah” aloud. If a woman breaks any of the above-mentioned Ihram laws while performing Umrah, she must pay compulsory Fidya as Ihram fines.

Easy and Comfortable Footwear

As we all know, Hajj is a physically demanding event that puts your physical strength to the test. You’ll be walking for hours, so wearing uncomfortable shoes is never an option. They might otherwise create swelling or possibly blisters on your feet. You should wear soft and comfy shoes for safety. It is preferable to get footwear from your favorite brand rather than try anything new. Because getting used to new shoes takes time and might be difficult for some individuals. Furthermore, it is advisable to bring a worn pair of shoes because they are typically comfortable as opposed to new ones, which may be rigid and sometimes do not suit the size, generating major hassles.

During the Hajj, almost everyone wears sneakers or shoes. Women would occasionally wear flip-flops with stockings to cover their feet during Hajj. Wearing shoes with laces is not a smart idea since laces may be a major distraction. They also enhance your chances of stumbling since they might loosen up without you knowing. Whatever you choose to wear, keep in mind that you are permitted to wear anything that does not draw attention to yourself. So, the safest option for you is to wear plain white or black sneakers, flip flops, or sticking shoes.

Summing up

Women can perform Umrah following all the rules and regulations of Islam. If you are planning to perform Umrah soon, then you can avail of all-inclusive 5-star Umrah packages keeping in view your budget. Both men and women have their own way of donning Ihram and it is necessary to complete your Umrah successfully,

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