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India is praised for its variety. When you go to India, you can see a lot of places. So, you learn about different ways of life. So, going to India will leave you speechless. Allahabad is a city in India that is very old. People also call it Prayagraj. The beautiful city is well-known for its rich cultural history. Not only that, but the people here are too nice to ignore.

Also, this is where the world-famous Kumbh Mela is held. It is very important to Indian history. Also, this city has a lot of religious traditions and values that are very important. So, Allahabad has a lot of well-known places to see. So, every year, a lot of people from all over the world visit the city.

You can visit these well-known places in Allahabad:

Triveni Sangam

The place where the three holy rivers meet is called Triveni Sangam. The Ganga, the Yamuna, and the Sarasvati are the three holy rivers. Also, the famous religious gathering known as Kumbh Mela takes place here. So, this is where you can see the mysterious Hindu rituals. So, you should go to Kumbh Mela to find out what Hinduism is all about.

Allahabad Fort

In the 1500s, the well-known Mughal King Akbar built this fort. The beautiful fort is right next to the Yamuna River. This beautiful fort, with its mesmerising architecture, is still a thing of beauty. So, it has a charm that draws people to it. During the Kumbh Mela, you can also get a look inside of this old fort.

Khusro Bagh

One of the most well-known historical places in Allahabad is KhusroBagh. It is near the train station at Allahabad Junction. Prince Khusro, who was the son of the great Mughal emperor Jahangir, is buried there. It is said that Prince Khusro was killed by Shah Jahan, who was also a son of Jahangir. So, this place is very important to people who are interested in Indian history.

Temple of Iskcon

One of the best places in Allahabad is the Iskcon Temple. Every year, it draws tens of thousands of tourists. This well-known temple is close to the water tank in Baluaghat. The beautiful temple has a farm, a gift shop, and several guest houses.
It also has a lovely garden. There is also a Mahaprasad counter for collecting the gifts that people give to God.

Albert Park

One of the best places in Allahabad is Alfred Park. The name of the park is Chandrashekhar Azad Park. The park is in the city of George Town. History says that the park was built as a way to honour Prince Alfred’s visit to the city. Also, there’s an interesting story about Indian history in the park. Chandrashekhar Azad, a famous freedom fighter, got into a gunfight with police. So, he hurt himself and shot himself to get away from the police.

Cathedral of All Saints

One of the most popular cathedrals in North India is All Saints Cathedral. This beautiful cathedral is in Canning Town in Allahabad. You are mesmerised by the beautiful Gothic architecture, marble altars, and curved glass paintings. This beautiful building is also called Patthar Girja.

Allahabad Planetarium

Allahabad Planetarium is known as Jawahar Museum. This modern planetarium is a fun place for you and your family to spend time. Not only that, but going on an educational tour will also help you.
So, if you are interested in planets and stars, you should go to this place. This well-known planetarium is close to Anand Bhawan.

The New Yamuna Bridge

Six lanes were built on the cable-stayed New Yamuna Bridge. It is India’s first bridge like this. The Yamuna River is crossed by the 1510-meter-long bridge. It also goes from Allahabad to Nainital.

Alopi Devi Temple

Alopi Devi Temple is a unique temple. Alopi bagh is where the well-known temple is. There are no gods or goddesses carved into this temple. Instead, it has a wooden chariot. Thousands of people who worship Lord Shiva from all over India come to this chariot to worship it. There is an interesting myth about this chariot.

Akshaya Vat

It is a very old fig tree. It is in the Patalpuri temple, which is part of the Allahabad Fort. The famous mythology Ramayana talked about this holy tree. During Kumbh Mela, many people worship this tree every day. On other days of the year, you can’t go see the tree.

Lalita Devi Temple

One of the most popular places to go to in Allahabad is the Lalita Devi Temple in Sitapur. The famous temple is on the Yamuna River’s Lalita Ghat. Hindus think that Goddess Lalita came to this place because Lord Brahma told her to. Maa Lalita Devi Shakti Peeth is another name for this temple.

Allahabad Museum

If you want to learn more about Allahabad’s past, you should go to the Allahabad Museum. You will also learn more about Allahabad’s culture and history. This museum is in the famous Chandrashekar Azad Park. Here, the ancient sculptures and paintings from Rajasthan are very well-known. Even some other pieces of history and archaeology will shock you.

Fun Gaon Water Park

Fun Gaon Water Park is a popular spot for people who like to have fun and look for deals. Quadirpur in Allahabad is where the well-known park is. The park has a number of pools, slides, and rides for kids and young people to enjoy. Inside the park, there is also a locker room and a place to change.

Ashoka Pillar

Ashoka, who was king of the Mauryans, built the beautiful Ashoka Pillar. It was built in a place known as Kaushambi. But the Mughal rulers moved it to Allahabad in the end. It is now in front of the well-known Allahabad Fort. Several inscriptions of well-known Indian emperors can be found here. Ashoka, Samudra Gupta, Jahangir, etc. are some of these rulers.

Anand Bhawan

Another well-known historical museum in Allahabad is Anand Bhawan. This museum has a lot of valuable things on display. These are from India before it got its independence. The big house used to be a place where many Indian freedom fighters got together.
This famous building was made by the famous leader Motilal Nehru. So, it is a part of the legacy of India’s famous Gandhi family. The building was given to the Indian Government by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Bade Hanuman Temple

Another holy place in Allahabad is the Bade Hanuman Temple. The Allahabad Fort is close by. Inside the temple is a statue of Lord Hanuman. It shows the god leaning to one side. The temple’s best feature is that you have to go underground to see the god. This unique temple is very popular amongst Hindu pilgrims.

University of Allahabad

Allahabad University is one of India’s most well-known schools. In Allahabad, Old Katra is where you can find the university. It works with a number of colleges in the state.
In addition, this school was named a “Institution of National Importance.” This university is also known as the “Oxford of the East.”

Allahabad Public Library

The Thornhill Mayne Memorial is the name of the Allahabad Public Library. Alfred Park is home to the well-known library. It is Uttar Pradesh’s largest library. So, it is one of the most well-known places in Allahabad. The library has more than 1,20,000 books. Also, the beautiful Gothic architecture draws your eye.

Nandan Kanan Water Retreat

Another well-known water park in Allahabad is the Nandan Kanan Water Retreat. This lovely park is a little bit out of the way of the busy city. There is a place called Sahson where it is. It promises to give you and your family and friends a lot of fun. This park has rides and water slides, but it also has cute huts. There is room for 6–8 people in these huts. You can buy food at the snack bar on site and eat it in one of these huts.

All in all, Allahabad has everything you could want, whether you want a quiet evening, a fun time, or tours of the city’s history. In addition, there are a lot of places to see in the city. Besides that, there are some fun things you can do. So, to relish your Allahabad tour, you can book a taxi in Allahabad. Most importantly, if you want a reliable taxi package, book a taxi with Bharat Taxi.

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