Buyer’s debate: Inflatable sup vs hard paddleboard

Do you love paddle boarding and looking for the best paddleboard option? Boarders often get confused regarding which board will be more suitable for them and which one is more rigid and durable. There are mainly two types of paddleboards popular among paddleboarders- the inflatable stand-up paddleboard and the solid/hard paddleboard. Both the boards have their own pros and cons, and you must see which feature suits your lifestyle and meets all your requirements.

Hardboard vs. ISUPs. 

There are five points of difference between a hard board and an inflatable Sup. They are as follows-

  • Transportation

Inflatable sup is the one that is easy to transport since they are lightweight. Paddleboarders don’t need a van or large trunk or SUV to store inflatables. When you deflate them, the board easily rolls up and fits into the bag’s size. People fly with the ISUPs when they are out for vacation. However, this is not the case with hard boards. You need car racks or a large car to transport the solid board. Their weight is also heavy, so it becomes difficult to carry them. Paddleboards from Honuare ideal for a family vacation as they facilitate easy transportation.

  • Storage space required

The storage space is another distinction between the hard paddleboard and the inflatable sup paddle. If you don’t have much room space in your apartment, not any garage, to store your board, then an inflatable stand-up paddleboard is best. Inflatable sup is easy to store anywhere you want. However, storing a hardboard for at least 9-12 feet long requires much storage space. You can get a huge collection of inflatable sup which requires less storage space from this link:

  • Durability and rigidity

Hard paddleboard is not much durable as inflatables when it comes to repairing. If a boarder happens to drop the board by accident, you may see a scratch or ding in your hardboard. While with inflatables, there are few chances of damaging your board with little wear and tear. Beginners who want a carefree board to practice paddling must go for an inflatable. Being durable, you can use inflatable sup while paddling Rocky rivers and going for whitewater paddling. Honu paddleboard is highly durable and rigid, and you can use them for various purposes.

  • Purchasing cost 

The cost of a paddleboard is an important point of difference between the two boards. A hard paddleboard is more costly than an inflatable standup paddleboard. The price of inflatable sup varies between $500 and $1600, which fits the budget of the maximum paddleboarders. If you buy inflatable sup, you also get a paddle, leash, pump, fins, and board. A hard paddleboard is quite expensive and comes within a range of $1300-$2000. The increase in the cost of solid paddleboards is because to several reasons: high shipping cost, high handling cost, high manufacturing cost, and high material cost.

  • Board’s performance

As inflatable sup is made of high-grade materials, they offer better performance if you want to opt for fishing, yoga, and multi passengers. A hard paddleboard is suitable for SUP surfing and racing. So depending on your need, you can buy a paddleboard of your choice.





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