Experience the thrill of Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is among the most modern and prosperous cities in Dubai is among the most modern and prosperous of Emirates within the UAE. It is located between Abu Dhabi in the south, Sharjah in the northeast in the northeast, and by Sharjah in the northeast, and Sultanate of Oman in the southeast. The city is situated in the Arabian Desert, Desert Safari. The city is unique in its topography.

Desert safari

Dubai’s landscape is mainly composed of deserts with sandy soil, as well as gravel-filled deserts in the southern part within the UAE. Sand that is white, clean, and fine, composed of corals and crushed shells. Dubai the desert in the surrounding sand desert is an exhilarating and thrilling experience. It’s difficult to pick from the many thrilling desert safaris. The trip begins at the point of pick-up and then boarding into the 4×4 wheel drive.


Different types of Desert Safari tours

The Morning Desert Safari: Due to busy schedules lots of people don’t have enough time to plan an afternoon safari. Thus, they could have a pleasant sunrise desert adventure that offers a fascinating adventure tour. The desert safari offers approximately 20 minutes of thrilling dunes bashing, and an exhilarating camp experience that includes quad biking, camel rides and sand ski. The morning safari may vary depending on the package you choose. In general, the tour operators offer a two-hour trip in a package. This is the best choice for those not keen on dining out or camping.

Evening Desert Safari:It’s an activity you must do for those who want to remember something that will last for a lifetime. If you’re planning to travel to Dubai Try a bit of exciting and thrilling activities by arranging the afternoon desert tour. Beginning in the afternoon, you’ll need to take a break at the beginning of your journey close to a camel farm. Enjoy the sunset over the desert’s ocean as you ride a camel and Sandboarding. Experience a stunning tattoo of henna on your feet and hands. Get yourself into a state of celebration by enjoying succulent barbecue, and delicious shisha. Enjoy a belly-dancer’s performance on Arabic music right there at the camping site.

Nighttime Desert Safari:Explore the Arabian Desert in the night sky as everyone rests at the base camp. Do not forget to bring cameras to capture images of the sunrise in the deserts of Dubai. For this night-time desert safari you can try the traditional costumes, henna designs and camel rides. After your meal, you can relax in silence and listen to the sound of the wind pounding on sand at night. If you are a dancer take a look at some steps from a belly dancer. You can enjoy sand bashing and dune skiing. Be sure to pack sleeping blankets and bags for a comfortable night’s stay.

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