The United Kingdom is one of the best destinations for an overseas doctor. Even the doctors from the United Arab Emirates are no different. They love to go to the UK and render their services there. You have to apply for UK Work Visa to work in the UK. UK Work Visa is also called UK Work Permit Visa by many.

How to Work as A Doctor from UAE in The United Kingdom? 

You register with the General Medical Council (GMC) and need a license to practice. The requirements for registration will depend on your country, the country of your primary medical qualification, and postgraduate training.

You require a Health and Care Worker visa to come to the UK and work as a doctor with the National Health Service (NHS). It is one of the UK Work Visas.

You must have the below-mentioned eligibility to apply for the UK Work Permit/ Work visa.

Good English

Take the IELTS or the OET test to show you have a good command of English.

PLAB test

The GMC has made changes that international doctors can use to join the register. If you have a primary medical qualification outside of Europe and have an acceptable overseas registration exam, do not take the PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) test.

The PLAB test is in two parts. After passing both the tests, apply for registration with a license to practice. Once the GMC approves your application, you are eligible to work as a doctor in the UK.

Job Offer

You must have a job to come to the UK on a Skilled Worker visa. Your employer needs to be a licensed sponsor. Your employer gives you a certificate of sponsorship and the sponsorship Reference number to add to your visa application. He is also responsible for your work permit application. You must also pass the points-based assessment.

Apply for Your UK Work Permit Visa

The Skilled Worker visa is the category in the UK work permit which you need to apply. It has replaced the Tier 2 (general) work visa since 1st December 2020. This route is to apply for a Health and Care Worker visa when you have a job offer. This visa lasts for 5years. You may extend your permit before it expires and apply to settle permanently in the UK (indefinite leave to remain) if you have a job offer

  1. from the NHS
  2. in an organization providing medical services to the NHS
  3. from an organization providing adult social care.

When the Home Office approves your visa, you can start working.

Apply for a Health and Care Worker visa and fly to the UK. Serve your fellow men as a doctor and be proud of being a part of the noblest profession in your favourite country, the UK.

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