September 25, 2023

Resort in talakadu-Resort for Corporate Team Outing in Bangalore

Just 125 km away from Bangalore and 50 km from Mysore, with a lean traffic for most part of the drive, in about two and a half hours from Bangalore and one hour from Mysore, you can reach one-of-its-kind island-like backwater-resort suits for family, Corporates and Day outing is nothing less than a paradise on the earth literally.

Jaladhama known as best family resort around Bangalore and Mysore, the primary backwater resorts in talakadu is undoubtedly equipped with modern amenities and facilities to cater family and friends equally.

The Jaladhama resort is an idealistic resort for corporate teams and is rated as one of the perfect resort for corporate team outing in Bangalore.


A complete natural resort with every facility that you can ask for, built with not just brick and mortar, not just with trees and babmoos, but also with a 25-year experience, of forestry and wildlife in Kanataka Forest Department, of Mr.T.N. Narayana, MD,who is also responsible for Eco tourism project, and a creator of ‘KAVERI NISARGADHAMA,at kushalnagar –kodugu as a Forest Officer.

Jaladhama is best Resorts in Bangalore for Corporate Day Outing. The resort provides an opportunity to try out various team activities such as village sports, kite flying, and a variety of indoor games to keep the visitors entertained during their stay here.

Ably supported by his Director-son, T.N Kiran who too is well-versed in as varied fields as hospitality and OPERATION.

Jaladhama is the best resort for corporate team outing in Bangalore and is rated as one of the perfect team outing resorts in Bangalore. Team building gatherings in resorts affect each worker’s life. They sit together and have significant conversations about different things.

Whenever the colleagues are in a delightful resort, they don’t zero in on their work pressure. It is the ideal opportunity for them to meet up and have a great time. Whenever individuals are united and presented with a climate encompassed ordinarily, they fail to remember every one of the feelings of resentment that exist in their souls for one another.

They feel nearer when they are presented with nature and culture. Resorts are generally excellent, particularly assuming that they are in nature, where harmony and satisfaction exist together. Whenever colleagues have some good times time, they become familiar with one another.

Regardless of how intently sew the employees in your association are, there is generally a requirement for you to accomplish increasingly more to carry on new endeavors to make them more agreeable together.

Accordingly, ideas like corporate team building are utilized to make the workers meet up and see each other in a superior manner.



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