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Winter and holidays go well together. If you get to go on vacation during the winter, it makes the time seem even more exciting. And we think that travelling is the best way to spend your time off. Yes, travelling is a great way to heal a troubled soul. And when it comes to travelling, road trips come out on top. You can go for miles and see some amazing sights along the way.

Maharashtra is proud of its metropolis city, Pune, which is growing quickly. There are many old temples and forts in the city, as well as some nice gardens. But it has all the benefits of a world that is very modern. And when you live in a big city, city life can get on your nerves, so you look for quiet places nearby to help you relax and feel better. And trust us, there are a lot of interesting places to visit near Pune that will make your winter vacations fun.


Lavassa is another popular place to go on a road trip near Pune by car. Lavassa is the first hill station near Pune that was made by people. You’ll love everything about this place, especially the beautiful landscapes and charming greenery. Also, you shouldn’t miss out on the water parks and other exciting things that are waiting for you. This place is great for trips with a partner, trips with the whole family, or even fun times with friends.


When you think of short road trips near Pune, Lonavala is the first place that comes to mind. Lonavala is a small town in Maharashtra that is on a hill. It’s the best place for a one-day trip because it has hills, waterfalls, and beautiful spots. If you like to try new things, you would love the hiking trails, walking paths, and trekking to the waterfalls’ sources.

Pavana Lake

This is another popular place to visit near Pune that will help you relax, recharge, and even ring in the New Year in a peaceful setting. It is actually a lake that was made by people using the river and dam that give the area its name. Here, you can camp and have a bonfire to celebrate the holiday season.


Want to do something different this winter? Go to Kamshet, which is one of the best places close to Pune to visit. There are some amazing places to see and exciting, adventurous things to do to keep you busy.


Kolad is another great place to visit near Pune. If you want to go rafting on the weekend, you can take short road trips around Pune to Kolad and the area around it. You will enjoy the clean water and rafting there. Even the lakes here are very cool and give you a peaceful feeling.


If you don’t want to drive too far but still want to enjoy winter to the fullest, go to Lahagad. This would be one of your best road trips near Pune because the scenery is so beautiful and the caves and forts there are so interesting.


A cosy hill station like Mahabaleshwar is the perfect place to spend your winters. This hill station has a lot of beautiful scenery and greenery that is very lush. Well, did we forget to talk about the always-fresh Veena Lake, which is very cold and foggy in the winter, giving it a mysterious feel? Also, don’t forget to go to a strawberry farm where you can eat strawberries with cream or ice cream and learn about how they are grown.


Let’s not forget the famous pilgrimage centre near Pune when we’re on our way to some relaxing places from here. All year long, people visit the famous shrine of Sai Baba, and when the weather is better, there are more people there.


Matheran is a hill station near Pune that doesn’t allow cars. It is full of nature’s gifts and has some breathtakingly beautiful views that will blow your mind. The ride on the toy train is pretty popular here, and you should put it on your list of things to do when you get here.


If you like beaches, you will have a great time at Alibaug, which is close to the city. It’s a beautiful place to go to the beach, and you can also do some fun water sports there. And if you want to take a one-day road trip from Pune in the winter, Alibaug is a great destination. The Alibaug Fort and the ruins around it are also a very interesting place to have a picnic.


You can’t forget to talk about Mumbai if you are on vacation near Pune. The city that never sleeps has everything, from fancy malls to beautiful beaches, architectural sites to amazing temples, and even good food on the street. This would be a great place to spend your winter vacation.


The Mulshi Dam, which is built over the river Mula, is a nice place to relax and enjoy the cafes and restaurants that are nearby. And during the winter, Mulshi is a great place to grab a cup of coffee at one of the cafes before going for a long walk.

These places around Pune are really charming and amazing, and they look even better in the winter. Besides these, you should also go to the famous Ajanta and Ellora Caves, which are archaeological wonders of India, the charming city of Aurangabad, which has many religiously important places, the famous beach town of Goa, and Igatpuri, which has a lot of natural beauty. And if you rent a car in Pune from Bharat Taxi, it will be the best trip you’ve ever had.

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