The 5 most friendly destinations for Lesbian travel

It is essential to distinguish between cities that host the greatest LGBTQ prides, parades, and lesbian-friendly places. “LGBTQ-friendly” companies, organizations, and communities embrace, accept, and affirm LGBTQ persons. Such sites provide a secure environment for LGBTQ persons and their relationships, respect variety, and don’t judge members or affiliations.

There shouldn’t even be LGBTQ-friendly “destinations;” everywhere should accept and respect one’s choices, mainly when there’s no damage done to others; unfortunately, the world is not like that. During recent Emergency Flights Ticket travels, they have seen that specific locations are more accepting of the lesbian and gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) population than others.

Though they don’t believe it’s essential to assign blame or get into the “whys” of why certain places are friendlier to lesbians than others, let’s look at a few more hospitable ones. Please remember that this page regarding lesbian travel is rather subjective, and the listed locations are in any particular sequence.

Flyus travel can assist you discover volunteer work in exchange for free or low-cost housing. The most significant benefits of volunteering are not the free lodging and food that you may get in exchange for your service but rather the new friends you’ll make, the skills you’ll pick up, and the opportunities for personal growth and cultural understanding that you’ll gain.

The capital of the European gay and lesbian community in Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s thriving nightlife, diverse neighborhoods, and open attitude toward foreigners all point to one thing: they are accepted here. LGBT walking tours, cycling tours, museums, and yearly events abound in Berlin. Lesbian and Gay Festival Park is an August festival in Friedrichshain.

Some LGBT-friendly hotels in the area, including ArtHotel, offer free access to the nearby Connection nightclub and support for the local homosexual community. They think Berlin is one of the few places in the world where one can go and feel completely secure, regardless of one’s sexual orientation.

What drew me in was the openness and nonjudgmentalism of the people, as well as the fact that there are pubs, clubs, and experiences for virtually anybody. The people there seem to have greater personal freedom than in other major cities.

For a gay and lesbian vacation in the United States, there is no better destination than New York City

The year 2019 celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which in 1969 sparked the contemporary gay liberation movement and made New York City one of the most homosexual-friendly places in the world.

New York’s nightlife, piano bars, restaurants, and gay-friendly hotels will make you happy. Attend the Pride March on June 26 if you’ll be in the United States this summer. Cubbyhole Bar and Henrietta Hudson are reportedly two of the top West Village locations.

Spend more time in New York City by volunteering at a homestay, holistic center, or hostel. Explore your options for giving back to the New York community.

First legalized gay marriage in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

There’s more to Amsterdam than being one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, with its picturesque canals, cobblestone streets, and more bicycles than people.

Did you know that in the Netherlands, being homosexual has been sanctioned since the year 1811? In 2001, the Netherlands became the first country to legalize gay marriage.

Just from that information, you may get an opinion about the level of acceptance of same-sex partnerships in the nation.

Other attractions include the HomoMonument, which commemorates LGBT WWII persecutors. Take advantage of these work-exchange programs in Amsterdam and experience life in the Netherlands’ capital city like a native.

Most Spaniards would tell you that Barcelona is the city they want to visit the most

Since 2005, when homosexual marriage was allowed, this nation is among the most accepting to lesbians and LGBTQ people in Europe. In addition to Ibiza and Madrid, another European hub with a thriving homosexual culture is Barcelona.

This year’s Gay Pride Parade will take place on June 25; if you find yourself in the area, don’t miss Aire and La Rosa. Bookstores, saunas, and cruising zones in Barcelona make it easy to meet individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

The bookstores Librera C√≥mplice and Libreria Antinuous are worth mentioning. Montjuic, sometimes known as “magic mountain,” and Nova Mar Bella are other must-sees, as are the city’s saunas, most of which cater exclusively to males (such the Sauna Casanova).

They do not doubt that you will want to extend your visit once you start seeing the city. Joining one of the various work-exchange programs available in Barcelona is a fantastic opportunity to achieve just that.

It’s all happening in Thailand, Asia’s gay mecca

Although the transsexual scene in Thailand has gained notoriety, the LGBTQ population enjoys widespread support. Thailand’s countryside has changed more slowly than its cities (particularly Bangkok) and islands. Phuket Pride, part of the Songkran (water) festival in April, has made Thailand the gay community’s Southeast Asian hub. After considering the mentioned options, they think Thailand would be the best bet regarding price and climate.

Hilton, Airbnb, and Thailand’s Tourism Authority collaborate with LGBT travelers. The country is a proud member of the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA).

This organization has been around since 1983, and its mission is to “promote equality and safety within LGBTQ+ tourism globally by providing free travel services and information.” Many Bangkok hostels could use your assistance. You may learn more about the unique and fascinating Thai culture by volunteering at one of them.

What about lesbian-friendly destinations? They have covered all you need to know about traveling as a lesbian and planning the ideal vacation. Where can they go on a fantastic lesbian vacation without feeling self-conscious about kissing my girlfriend in public?

There are many suitable locations, some of which gained prominence throughout specific eras: Sappho Women’s Festival in Lesbos, California, attracted more lesbian tourists in 2000, the premiere of The L Word in Los Angeles in 2004 attracted more lesbians to that city, and WorldPride in Madrid in 2017 was a significant draw for the LGBTQ community.

They have compiled a list of five unique places that are both friendly to the LGBTQ+ community and provide something that makes them especially appealing to lesbians, whether Urgent Flight Ticket Booking traveling alone or with a partner.


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