September 28, 2023

7 Types of Cargo Packing for Perfect Shipping

Shipping goods over long distances by the ocean, air, or land poses a big challenge for most shippers. It’s often challenging to find the right packaging type that meets product safety and security standards while also providing an economical, space-saving solution. There is a lot of research and experience involved in choosing the right type of cargo packaging. Your cargo might end up damaged, rotten, or in an unacceptable condition without the assistance of a reputable shipping company. In this article, we will introduce you to various types of cargo packing necessary for perfect shipping.



A cardboard box is typically made from two types of fiberboard, brown paperboard and white paperboard. Food and other items that do not require light protection are usually packaged in brown paperboard, which is made of recycled paper. The white paperboard is made from virgin paper and is generally used for packing items that are sensitive to light. Items such as food, cosmetics, and other small items are usually packaged in cardboard boxes.


Bagged Cargo

Bagged cargo is a type of cargo that is packaged in a bag or sack, usually made up of plastic. In general, this type of cargo is used for smaller items that need to be protected from the elements. Usually, bagged cargo is placed in a container with other types of cargo, such as boxes or crates.

Due to the fact that the bags only hold the contents in place and provide no protection from the outside world, the product must be sturdy enough to withstand external tension and pressure. Fertilisers, grains, seeds, dried fruit, sugar, coconut, coffee, fresh fruits and vegetables are examples of products which use bagged cargo packaging.


Wooden Cases

Wooden cases offer durable and versatile packaging. They are made up of high-quality wood such as oak and mahogany, it can be solid or plywood. They are used to transport a variety of items including heavy machinery, electronics and art.


Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are for transporting oversized cargo. These are made of wood and held together with nails, screws or bolts. The dimensions of wooden crates can be customised for the item being shipped. Wooden crates offer protection from impact and vibration during transport and can be stacked on top of each other.


Steel Drums

Steel drums are made from steel and are cylindrical in shape, these are then welded shut. They are mainly used for storing and shipping oil, chemicals and other liquids. They can be safely transported and easily stacked on top of one another.


Palletising Carg

Palletizing is the process of placing goods on a pallet and securing them for transport. There are many benefits to palletizing cargo, including improved safety, efficiency, and security. It is possible to prevent damage to goods during transportation by palletizing correctly and it can be easier to load and unload cargo by palletizing correctly.



Containers are rectangular boxes used for transporting goods and there are mainly two types of containers, they are dry containers used to transport non-perishable goods and refrigerated containers used to transport perishable goods.

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