September 25, 2023

CAMS Reliable Study Notes | CAMS Exam Syllabus

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Exam Details

The CAMS is a 3.5-hour test consisting of 120 multiple-choice and multiple-select questions. To pass and obtain the CAMS certification, test-takers must achieve a score of 75 or more. ACAMS recommends that candidates arrive/log in 30 minutes before the scheduled time for the official exam as latecomers may not be allowed to take the test and this allows ample time for check-in. Test-takers are also required to bring along with them the two forms of current and valid government-issued identification. Please note that the identification must include a photograph and signature. Also, please ensure that the name used when registering for the real exam is one and the same as it appears on the identification.

ACAMS Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists Sample Questions (Q294-Q299):

You are designing an AI solution that will provide feedback to teachers who train students over the Internet.
The students will be in classrooms located in remote areas. The solution will capture video and audio data of the students in the classrooms.
You need to recommend Azure Cognitive Services for the AI solution to meet the following requirements:
* Alert teachers if a student facial expression indicates the student is angry or scared.
* Identify each student in the classrooms for attendance purposes.
* Allow the teachers to log voice conversations as text.
Which Cognitive Services should you recommend?

  • A. Computer Vision and Text Analytics
  • B. Face API and Text Analytics
  • C. Speech to Text and Face API
  • D. QnA Maker and Computer Vision

Answer: C

Speech-to-text from Azure Speech Services, also known as speech-to-text, enables real-time transcription of audio streams into text that your applications, tools, or devices can consume, display, and take action on as command input.
Face detection: Detect one or more human faces in an image and get back face rectangles for where in the image the faces are, along with face attributes which contain machine learning-based predictions of facial features. The face attribute features available are: Age, Emotion, Gender, Pose, Smile, and Facial Hair along with 27 landmarks for each face in the image.

What is a major economic consequence of money laundering through the use of front companies?

  • A. Placing more emphasis on manufacturing
  • B. Weakening of the legitimate private sector
  • C. Creating a more competitive pricing environment
  • D. Aligning management principles between criminal enterprises and legitimate businesses

Answer: B

Undermining the Legitimate Private Sector: One of the most serious microeconomic effects of money laundering is felt in the private sector. Money launderers are known to use front companies: businesses that appear legitimate and engage in legitimate business but are in fact controlled by criminals who commingle the proceeds of illicit activity with legitimate funds to hide the ill-gotten gains. These front companies have a competitive advantage over legitimate firms as they have access to substantial illicit funds, allowing them to subsidize products and services sold at below market rates. This makes it difficult for legitimate businesses to compete against front companies. Clearly, the management principles of these criminal enterprises are not consistent with traditional free market principles, which results in further negative macroeconomic effects

Which three areas do FATF’s 40 recommendations cover? Choose 3 answers

  • A. International Cooperation
  • B. Financial systems and their regulation
  • C. The criminal justice system
  • D. Prescriptive sentences for predicate offenses

Answer: A,B,C

The 40 Recommendations provide a complete set of countermeasures against money laundering and terrorist financing, covering
* the identification of risks and development of appropriate policies;
* the criminal justice system and law enforcement;
* the financial system and its regulation;
* the transparency of legal persons and arrangements; and
* international cooperation.

Your company has a data team of Scala and R experts.
You plan to ingest data from multiple Apache Kafka streams.
You need to recommend a processing technology to broker messages at scale from Kafka streams to Azure Storage.
What should you recommend?

  • A. Azure HDInsight with Microsoft Machine Learning Server
  • B. Azure Functions
  • C. Azure Databricks
  • D. Azure HDInsight with Apache Storm

Answer: D


What action should a bank CEO’s assistant take when the bank CEO expenses large sums of money to a charitable organization run by the bank CEO’s direct family member?

  • A. Submit the concern anonymously to the bank’s internal Compliance Hotline.
  • B. Meet with the bank CEO to learn why the donations are being made.
  • C. Report the actions to the Executive Board of the bank.
  • D. Investigate the charitable organization’s relationship with the bank CEO.

Answer: D


CAMS Exam Syllabus:

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