CBS Anchor, Robb Hanrahan Cause Of Death In “60”

Robb Hanrahan was an American television journalist. His previous work included newscasting for WHP-TV (the CBS affiliate in Harrisburg), Pennsylvania. After six months of recovery from a massive cardiac attack, he announced that he would be retiring on February 7, 2021.

Robert John Hanrahan was a journalist from America who was born April 11, 1992. He was well-known for hosting Face The Nation, a politics program.

The presenter was an experienced journalist who worked for more than three decades. He joined CBS 21 on October 21, 2010. Robb was also a New York-based journalist during his career.

What Was Robb Hanrahan Cause Of Death?

Robbhanrahan died from a cardiac attack. Many who relied on Robb Hanrahan’s show and talents will miss the prodigy. We are sorry to announce that Robbhanrahan has died.

This legend spent many years transforming the world. Let’s say that Robb’s family is more courageous to lose Robb Hanrahan.

Who Was Robb’s Spouse?

Robb Hanrahan and Stacey Hanrahan were married up until his death, July 5, 2022. He met Stacey at WFOR (a CBS affiliate station in Miami), Florida.

Robb explained to PennLive how they met. She said that they met at work in Miami and it was great to work alongside her. They continued their relationship at CBS21, a Harrisburg-based affiliate.

Stacey worked as the station’s assistant news director and meteorologist between August 2010 and November 2021. Robb was a reporter and writer for the station. He also served as a senior producer.

Robb was also adamant that it was unusual to work side by side for the second time with Stacey. “Her role as assistant news director is even more extraordinary.

What Were The Children Of Robb & Stacey?

Robb’s death leaves behind Stacey (and their two children)

The couple had a son and a daughter.


Prior to joining WHP in 2004, he was a news anchor for WFOR-TV (a CBS-owned and-operated station located in Miami, Florida) where he worked alongside Maggie Rodriguez for four-years.

Hanrahan was an Anchor at WABC-TV, New York City, from 1996 to 2003. He joined the station in 1997 as a coachor for the station’s midday and morning Eyewitness News broadcasts.

There he worked alongside Nancy Loo. Hanrahan replaced Greg Hurst at the 5:00 PM newscast on WABC. He was there for many years. He was part a second overhaul in the morning newscast. Loo and David Ushery were replaced by him and Lori Stokes. Hanrahan did however not participate in this noon newscast.

At the end of his tenure at WABC, there was another shift in the station’s lineups. Diana Williams took over the early evening newscasts. Hanrahan began anchoring on weekends until the end of his contract.

Hanrahan spent time at WSVN-TV Miami before joining WABC. Before Miami, he worked for Harrisburg’s WHTM-TV and began his news career with KODE-TV Joplin.

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How did Robb Hanrahan die?

Robb was tragically killed on July 3, 2022. The cause of his death is not known.

After suffering a severe heart attack, he retired in 2021 from CBS.

He had a heart attack in June 2020. He later described the experience as “most profound and enlightening” he’d ever experienced.

PennLive told him that he was being held by five doctors at his side when he was first detained.

He said, “I was literally talking to Stacey (his husband) on the telephone, and they were watching, laughing, because I was joking about [how] they couldn’t find what was wrong] with me.

“And all of sudden, that pain started back.”

Hanrahan informed Stacey that he needed to put his phone down. Then he went into police custody.

Hanrahan has been the object of tributes since his death was announced.

John Fetterman was the Lieutenant Governor for Pennsylvania. He said, “I am deeply saddened at Robb’s death. I am so grateful that I had the privilege of knowing him.

“His two-year-old heart attack in 2008 was very hard on me. I rooted so hard for him. He has since recovered and I am beyond thrilled. Both of our boys entered kindergarten there at the same time.

Robb said, “Near Death Experience” was the most profound and enriching experience he’s ever had.

“My most recent episode caused me to feel his words deeply. It strongly echoes my own experience.”

Fetterman was struck by a stroke on May 20, 2022. He said to CBS that he had “never taken his health seriously”.

Robb Hanrahan Obituary

People searching online for Robb Hanrahan Obituary information and death information on Robb Hanrahan are not surprised to find it. People wonder, “What was Robb Hanrahan’s Cause of Death?” Robb Hansrahan’s death has been surfed many times in recent times. The internet is notorious for passing false information about healthy people to make it seem like they are still alive. Robb’s death information is correct, however. There are several threads on Twitter which honor Robb. But here’s the information that Robb Hanrahan gave us.

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