September 29, 2023

Why should you Use a Puppy Play Pen?

Keeping your pet dog or cat from getting into mischief might be more challenging than expected. It is amazing how much mess dogs can make in the house! Getting a puppy play pen is excellent if you need to keep them entertained. But do not confuse the playpen with the crate because they are two different things. Crates and playpens are two standard methods for pet owners to confine their pups for their safety and establish boundaries on where the puppy can and cannot play, sleep and do its business. Crates, in contrast to pens, seem disproportionately tiny and uncomfortable, depending on your dog breed. As a result, some pet owners may start to ponder whether or not puppy playpens are preferable over dog crates.

When is it Necessary to Use Dog Crates for your Furry Friend

Although a crate and a puppy play pen serve various purposes, dog crates have several advantages over playpens.

1.     When Potty Train

It would be best to utilize a dog kennel of appropriate size while house training your puppy since it will not foul its bed. Moreover, your dog will have plenty of space to play in dog kennels rather than in a pet pen, giving it more freedom.

2.     For your Dog’s Comfort

Using dog crates also helps on an emotional level. Dogs have an innate preference for cave-like places called “dens,” where they feel safe from the dangers of the outside world. To the extent that humans benefit from having a bed to return to at the end of the day, canines get similar comfort from having a kennel or a puppy play pen to call their “home.” With enough training, this may also become your dog’s favorite place to sleep, particularly if you add a comfy bed and a cover to the cage.

Some dogs are OK with spending time alone in a cage while their owners are away, but a young puppy likely will not be. Dog kennels are meant to be tiny to prevent accidents and mess, but this is of little use when the dog in question is a young puppy lacking the self-control of an older trained dog. The long process of teaching your dog to like its puppy play pen or crate may pay off in the long run. Just breathe! Everything works out in the end.

When to Use a Puppy Play Pen around the House

Dog crates are smaller and more simplistic than puppy playpens, but playpens have more flexible layout options. A crate does not need to be enclosed entirely to provide enough security for your pet, but a playpen is designed to confine your puppy to a restricted space.

A puppy playpen consists of many individual gates, often tiny metal or plastic doors set up in a circle. It is essential to provide your pet with food, drink, and a comfortable area to sleep and relax if left in the enclosure for an extended period. This may seem to be a space-consuming need, but many playpens have interchangeable panels that allow you to change their size as your puppy gets older. Most playpens are lightweight and portable, so your puppy may join you wherever your adventures take you.

The dog can still get out of the playpen if it wants to do its business, which is one of the drawbacks. It would be best if you taught your puppy to potty outside for health reasons and your peace of mind.

Benefits of Using a Playpen

1.     Works as a Stress Reliever

If you have a hyperactive dog, you know how important it is always to be able to track its whereabouts. You can see what it is playing with the help of a puppy play pen. Since it can see you, too, your dog may feel completely at ease in that semi-open and secure space, and you can relax without worrying about your dog’s safety. If you think your dog is too young for a playpen, dog crates are a good idea because they can give the same features but a smaller space. It is just what your pup needs!

2.     More Accessible

Many dog owners find that a puppy play pen significantly increases the space available for their new pet to run around, get some exercise, and rest. If you need additional room for your child, there are a wide variety of playpens or dog crates on the market. You can find puppy playpens in many shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that works for your canine friend.

3.     It is Simple to Clean

Your dog will undoubtedly enjoy having its play area, but accidents sometimes occur. The good news is that a puppy playpen does not need much effort to clean, so you will not have to worry about that when the time comes.

dog crates

Final Thoughts

Dog crates and playpens serve distinct needs and should not be compared. Your dog should always be allowed to sleep in its crate and be safely kept in a playpen.

You will benefit in the long run if you train your puppy to accept the crate or the pen. When utilizing the playpen, you can be sure that your pet is contained in a secure and pleasant environment. On the other hand, when using the crate, it will learn to associate it with times when it needs to play or rest. Crates and playpens serve different purposes, similar to the many rooms in a house.

Although they are used for somewhat different things, dog kennels and playpens are excellent tools for producing a well-behaved and healthy puppy. Moreover, they both have their pros and cons, and it is safe to say that not every dog will adapt the same way to either one. The first couple months of a puppy’s life are critical to its growth and learning. While it will eventually adjust to its new home, you may speed up the process by showering it with attention and food.

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